It's never too early to start thinking about summer! Join one of our many summer programs to have some fun and enjoy learning opportunities unique to each student's likes and interests.
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Downloadable Documents

(PDF) Handbook (185KB)

(PDF) Emergency Medical Forms (591KB)


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Policies & Procedures

Clock and Lockers

Dismissal and Drop Off Procedures

8:15 AM First Bell
8:30 AM classes begin
3:15 PM Bus riders dismissal
3:20 PM Walkers and car riders dismissed

Dress Code

Holy Cross Academy believes that an appropriate dress code is important in educating our students. Our students are, therefore, required to wear a school uniform. Uniforms vary by campus.

St. Louis Campus Uniform

Snow Day Procedure

Students come from Louisville, Marlington, and East Canton. Louisville City Schools are closed, St. Louis is closed. If the other school districts close,  students from those districts will have an excused absence.