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New Blog at the start of a New Year

            Happy New Year!  Hopefully all of you enjoyed a peaceful and blessed holiday as we celebrated the birth of our Savior.  We pray that your New Year will be filled with God’s Blessings.  Thank you to all of you who sent greetings and gifts for us to enjoy at school.  We appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity!

            APPLICATIONS FOR THE YOUNGSTOWN DIOCESAN CATHOLIC SCHOOL SCHOLARSHIP FUNDS are available in the school office.  The Scholarship Fund began in honor of Mary Ellen Cushwa Wolsonovich, the late wife of our Superintendent of Schools.   Scholarships are disbursed based on need as determined by the families filling out a Private School Aid Service Confidential Student Aid form.  Every school in the diocese is eligible to participate and every school will receive at least one scholarship.  The scholarships are paid to schools to partially cover the cost of tuition.  More than one child in a family may receive a scholarship.  There is a $27.00 processing that is paid to Private School Aid Service.  Many additional questions are answered in the information bulletin and the aid form.  The application is due by March 14th, 2014.

            In closing, I would like to bring to your attention that a newly-formed committee worked very hard to present a carefully constructed appeal to diocesan and Holy Cross Academy officials concerning the recent decision involving the future of the St. Louis Campus.  A number of cost-cutting measures and fundraising projects were presented, as well as proposals to strengthen Preschool, before school, and after school programs.  Information presented in the appeal will be reviewed.  This will be done accorgind to the by-laws of Holy Cross Academy by officials entrusted with making recommendations.  We do not know the final decision concerning the appeal at this time, but we will announce the result after it goes through appropriate channels and becomes official.  We do appreciate the hard work of the committee members and the many ways people have expressed concern for our campus and our parish.  Most importantly, please keep the future of Catholic education everywhere in your prayers.