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The OLWEUS Program

            The Sisters of Charity have generously funded the OLWEUS Bullying Prevention Program for Stark County Schools, both public and parochial.

            Mrs. Joyce Lempke, a member of the grant committee, came to our school this past Thursday to interview several students, four teachers, eight parents, and myself .  These interviews focused on the progress we have made here at the St. Louis Campus of the Holy Cross Academy concerning this program.

            Some of the discussions were about how our school responds to bullying behavior, what has changed now that we have introduced the program and ways to prevent bullying. 

            The Grant Money will donate $25.00 for each parent interviewed, which will give our school $200.00 to be used on helping to prevent bullying. 

            Thanks to all those who took part in the discussion.  We were actually the first school interviewed, and set a bench mark. 

            Mrs. Lempke was very impressed with our progress in the program and with our sincerity.  She made certain to note the friendly atmosphere she encountered here on our campus.  I thank each and every one of you for creating that atmosphere. 

            May the Lord continue to bless our Catholic Schools and its wonderful families during this season of thanks.



Mr. Calandros